Coronavirus: read about the guidelines that we have put in place: here.


Unfortunately classes have been interrupted again by the second lockdown starting on 5 November. Hopefully we will be able to resume face to face classes in early December.

As a result of the pandemic, changes in the way classes are run have had to be made as well as due attention to hygene and space.

Guidelines for Clients

  • If you don’t feel well DO NOT come to class.
  • Before you can attend a class I will email you a form to fill in with your contact details in case there is a need for track and trace by the NHS. This form has further information about when NOT to come to a class.
  • If I don’t feel well I will cancel the class.
  • Payment is preferred by Bacs or card rather than with cash or a cheque.

The Studio, Kelling Estate, Holt

The studio has been redecorated and given a deep clean. It is cleaned very morning. Although the studio is spacious, class size has been reduced to 10 clients to give everyone enough space so we don’t feel too close to each other. Sanitizers are provided.

Guidelines for Classes at Kelling

  • You must bring your own mat and head cushion. If you forget them I won’t be carrying spare ones so you won’t be able to do the class.
  • Stay outside until I let you in. I’ll open the door for you.
  • Sanitize your hands as you come in and I’ll take your temperature.
  • Maintain social distancing in the corridor.
  • If you want to wear a mask do.
  • Come dressed for class and take any outdoor things into the studio with you.
  • DO NOT use the changing rooms.
  • Water will not be available, but you can bring your own.
  • Place your mat, with a short end against a wall. Use both sides, starting furthest away from the entrance and working towards it. Leave as much space as possible between mats.
  • After class, leave through the back door. Please do chat after class, but do it outside.

Guidelines for my Home Studio

This has also been given a thorough clean. I only use it one day a week and it is cleaned at the end of the day.

The windows and doors are kept open during the session. The equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each class.

  • Bring some water with you.
  • Bring your own mat and head cushion, sanitize your hands as you come in and I’ll take your temperature.
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